This is intended as a repository for rules released under the Open Game License, including the SRD, third-party games, and home-brew rules.

Intended subprojects

This is intended to help players, GMs, and game designers. In the classic era of the late 70's, when RPGs were being developed, there were numerous books, magazine articles, and supplements available. Every GM had to be a little bit of a game designer, or at least game editor, in choosing which set of rules to include. The first aim of this project is intended to recreate that feel.

In addition, there have been many recent games, particularly retro-clones, which have attempted to create a truly open, popular RPG. Many of these have focused on being "rules light". Many of the most popular, commercial games require at least one thick book of rules and are often supported by numerous supplements. The second aim of this project is to provide a truly open, "rules heavy" RPG by assembling a vast set of possible rules.

Finally, part of the reason for creating and supporting open game content is the belief that shared rules provide a strong base for game designers to build new and interesting games. The third of aim of this project is to collect as wide a collection of open rules as feasible to provide the strongest base for game designers (and, as part of the the firs aim, all GMs) for new games.

So far, this is the creation of one person, if others would like to join this project that would be great. The goals are certainly open to change. As long as truly-open game content is being made available, then the purpose of this project is being fulfilled.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.