What is there to be done on Free d20? Everything — we’re only just starting. However, some things need to happen sooner than others if our first core releases are to be ready anytime soon.

  1. Confirm or amend the project goals.
  2. Choose a licence.
  3. Confirm or amend the product names and project logo.
  4. Convert the SRD and MSRD to wiki format and post them.

Once at least some these initial steps are out of the way, we can start on steps such as:

  1. Deciding on the division into books for PDF releases. (Are we going to have one core rulebook for each setting, or two, or three, or four, or maybe one or two books common to all settings?)
  2. Writing character creation and advancement rules.
  3. Producing (text-only?) draft PDF releases.
  4. Drawing illustrations and book covers.
  5. Deciding what (if any) rules we want to change from the Wizards of the Coast games.
  6. Create Free d20 Future and Free d20 Past as separate products.
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